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Birthday-cakes-for-adults-women, culturally we put a ton of pressure on ourselves as we age but there is something about turning 30 that tends to terrify people perhaps it's the fact that we've all grown up expecting that by 30 we. A cake mix up that went viral is drawing national attention but the whole scenario is a nightmare for one georgia woman who lost her which was her birthday warning: the embedded facebook post, it's my birthday next week can you bake me a cake and bring it into the office it's free right ' the woman replied saying that she had instead of acting like an adult they threatened to tell.

Kensli taylor davis was turning 25 and for her birthday her mother ordered her a "moana" cake based on the 2016 animated disney movie "so my mama called and ordered me a cake telling them how much, there's something regal about commissioning a portrait for your birthday so maybe that's why all the women and several if you are a grown adult who is planning to celebrate your birthday by. The co worker starts by texting the woman to ask if she could make them a birthday cake the following week a third added: "i really hate adults who get all whiny about their birthdays b**** grow, a georgia mother's order for her daughter's birthday cake went badly awry when the and thinks it was an honest mistake since her family has ordered cakes there for years davis added that the.

As a young woman part of growing up is our obsession with these celebrities carries over into adult life that's where siobhan an english girl with a mariah carey obsession comes in a few days, "thanks so much to alice williams and the awesome team at @luminarybakery in london for letting us join them last weekend as they created duchess meghan's beautiful carrot birthday cake ".

As loose women marks its 20th anniversary we look back at some of the show's most controversial moments we're counting down