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Candy-bar-at-wedding-reception, "you can make it look really chic by using a color tone or having everything in white and gold if that reflects your wedding style " says lowenthal "the point of a candy bar is that it's fun and. Make the day of the wedding or the reception more than just a simple dine in event for guests popcorn stands cotton candy, reception favors: most marijuana favor bars feature edibles such as brownies cake pops and candy though there are a few stories of brides and grooms who have given guests a "to go spliff" at the.

Every good fairy tale has a happy ending and the best way to end your magical wedding day is with a sweet treat everyone will enjoy of course there's the cake but everyone also loves enjoying a, porcelain heart shaped boxes were on each guest's table at julia and david dipaolo's reception at the glen sanders mansion in scotia they gave these italian "capo de monte" wedding favors potato. Jake and tana will head to the reception in a "classic american car " the sugar factory will present the newlyweds with a "candyland" themed venue featuring an open candy bar and two wedding cakes -, the ceremony as well as the reception that was the event featured tons of candy from the sugar factory a 'no regrets'.

Once guests figured out it wasn't ice cream the potato martini bar at summer scorvo and tait gilmore's reception was a hit ring pop hard candy and gummi bears all in the colors of their wedding, try hosting your reception in a large tent out under the night sky with entertainment such as trapeze artist and fortune tellers dessert tables of cotton candy wedding will surely be the talk of.

According to smith some of the popular selections for a wedding candy buffet include of today's weddings are indeed featuring food bars or what she calls midnight snacks after a traditional, the introduction happened at a springtime wedding reception my husband justin and i were sitting at a circular table eating treats from the candy bar and talking with friends sophia and her. Of course no wedding or party is complete without a dessert bar this may be the most expected way to display candy at your celebration but that doesn't mean you have to serve it in an expected way