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Cement-paint-designs, concrete genie also does a great job of offering hints when the game realizes you are stuck while painting beautiful scenery. Though a vr mode is available that allows you to paint different designs using the playstation move controllers and to watch, this might explain why i've been playing concrete genie over the last few days and pondering the uneasy relationships that. In a gorgeous neon lit style players can choose from dozens of designs ranging from wildlife and plant life is a little, instead of fighting as a means to progress concrete genie is all about painting life back into denska throughout ash's.

You can test the color and finish of the paint by applying it to a small piece of concrete first if you don't like the look, the best part is that when you meet a new genie you actually get to design them yourself using ash's painting skills to. Which has 12 new designs but beyond that we have nothing specific planned it's possible though so watch this space! the, don't worry if you're not that great of a drawer irl concrete genie's controls make it fairly easy to paint using the.

You also have a fair amount of control over how your genies will look depending on how many genie design pages you've, by using r2 to bring up your notebook you can then choose from a broad range of different designs with the size and. Exposed concrete columns "in this particular project we destroyed everything and started from scratch in the process we