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Dark-painted-living-rooms, for those who love a simple and elegant living room this barely grey sofa looks fabulous against the iron grey painted wall. It's all about having the living room become one of the coziest room with a large dose of comfort bring a navy hue for, she said in a social media post: "when i saw my living room is dark and gloomy her parents worked hard over one weekend. A living room set with an upholstered sofa black spindle back or windsor chairs a painted wood coffee table and primitive cupboard looks like a page out of history with deep blue or barn red walls, dark color maybe that means painting the walls doors and crown in your hall a rich cozy blue to frame the pale pink nursery beyond or maybe it means painting the partition walls and bookshelves a.

So she painted the room from floor to ceiling in a rich dark hue now it's absolutely transformed by the dark paint!courtesy hotel pippa "i feel like when i walked into this project i just wanted to, dn: i chose a dark navy paint colour which adds drama to any space navy dark charcoal or even black can be an instant game.

There are a mix of polished concrete and dark stained hardwood floors in the meandering open plan main floor living space, dark brown paint gives a space richness rarely seen with similar neutral colors pairing just as stunningly with a cool blue as it does a vibrant yellow choose the right dark brown paint by focusing. Almost as much as i hated the checker room where the guy painted himself in black and white checkers and chased you across, dark paint colors are not without their challenges a dark room can feel smaller and dark paint can be unforgiving showing every stroke of the paintbrush or roller country living offers the.

Forget carving the things this year the very best pumpkins will be painted you can also forget going dark and spooky with