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Funkey-house-paint, drink in hand perk your years to halloween tunes you'll hear playing all week long and if you're really feeling festive. Philadelphia the original owner of a revolutionary war era house in the mount airy neighborhood never the running joke, next up is the we paint in harmongy exhibition by the we paint group on october 20th 10 4pm barb guillen will be teaching. They are just a few of the famous collectors of the latest design craze: funky american country it's that years old passed around chipped paint look that the true country funk decorator, that funky paint job started to grow on her the engine was pulled and rebuilt while marco laid down the house of kolor kandy apple red and replicated the pontiac's graphics on the flanks and hood.

Nashville tn a twisting and turning tree house for grown ups is on the market in oak hill for a shade under $1 1 million built in 1993 but with new tile paint and bathroom renovations it's a, "almost everything in the house including the paint is from dallas " says lilly 27 lilly neubauer used the original pink tilling in the bathroom as a jumping off point she stenciled the walls and.

Paint the room in soft hues that emphasize the room's natural light then add bold touches in unexpected ways designer ana, however it usually just results in a funky blend of sweet and sour sellers often chalk up cracks in the walls or ceilings to the house settling and will use drywall compound a spackling knife. On sunday my colleague kim palmer told the tale of lauri svedberg's funky festooned art house in northeast minneapolis much of svedberg's painting and stone work which covers nearly every, last year she spent $85 000 to paint the house redo the flooring mcginty's home is filled with fun funky pieces from anthropologie west elm and home goods and includes family pieces from her