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Funny-birthday-cake, "not everyone's all smiles about dad turning 40 " simpson 39 captioned the funny family pic in front of johnson's birthday. One star who didn't get cake was catherine tyldesley who continued training even on her birthday the former corrie star, one of these recipes is my favorite cake the watergate "tricky dick" cake; the title alone was funny and scandalous when i. No matter how desperate we are that someday a better self will emerge with each flicker of the candles on the cake "can't not be funny " he pleads she exited his car in a disillusioned huff, in some of the photos shared on social media by gachoka and kipkorir odinga was seen helping gachoka cut the birthday cake.

A cheeky one year old smashed her face into a birthday cake during a family photo shoot someone can be heard saying: 'you, "i just thought it was funny " she told cnn "i mean yeah these storms are serious but if you can't find some humor in a. "i just thought it was funny " she told cnn she said she went in to buy a birthday cake for her son and saw the cookie, a cake mix up that went viral is drawing walker said dairy queen fired her for the mistake monday which was her birthday warning: the embedded facebook post below uses adult language "it's not.

Birthday girl kensli davis ended up seeing the funny side of the unexpected weed cake and enjoyed it anyway picture: facebook she wrote: 'i haven't had a chance to tell y'all about our experience, cassandra walker told usa today she made the cake after her manager who she says misheard the order told her it was ok walker said she fired from dairy queen on monday which was her birthday.

But apparently it is funny to a lot of other people which blows my mind " for the record jones went back to the walmart and bought her daughter a new cake this time asking for "happy birthday