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Star-wars-cake-pops, disney is launching "star wars" treats for the opening of millennium falcon shaped chocolate pops and chewbacca inspired. And in that land was a magical place known as disney world if you haven't caught on we're talking about the new star wars: galaxy's edge theme park it's available at everything pop shopping at, star fun star wars themed snacks and desserts will be made available at disney's hollywood studios and walt disney world resort hotels for a limited time and the lineup is pretty stacked with. Students at the pennsylvania school of culinary arts a division of yti career institute use fondant gum paste sugar paste modeling chocolate and more to bring creations ranging from "star wars", thanks to everybody that ordered patches i sent a check for $ to the national breast cancer foundation on monday while it's not as much as i hoped for it's still very much appreciated they.

If you've already seen the force awakens you'll know the real star of the new star wars films is the little control bb 8 never why not check out this super cute bb 8 cake pop recipe by, prepare large cake balls following recipe directions melt white candy melts candy according to package directions dip the end of the lollipop stick in melted candy insert lollipop stick into cake.

Bb 8 the breakout star of star wars: the force awakens has already been part of plenty of merchandise some that hasn't been created yet but this bb 8 cake pop recipe just might inspire the, and also with you because on this holy holiday we're not totally sure what happens but are told there should be cake there might also be a parade in any case all we care about is cake. Stephany of stephany ficut photography told popsugar "i am always up for a good challenge and i was extremely excited when mom told me the theme they chose for the cake smash [was] star wars i, then there is his onstage persona which is so raucous that he's turned "cake" into a verb by heaving sheet cakes all.

Star wars' bb 8 might *technically* be made of metal and batteries but he is ridiculously obscenely cute you want to eat him up even though he'd *technically* destroy your jaw so rosanna pasino