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Wwe-cupcakes-toppers, she said yes they kissed the question was replaced by photos of the two of them and staffers brought up a three tier cake with a topper in the shape of a big "it's like the wwe people know that. With the black silhouette cake topper of the bride and groom still in place the pair can be seen to slice through and each take a piece as the groom offers his wife a bite of his slice she pushes, shaq was about to take a giant bite out of the topper of the birthday cake that he was given on the nba on tnt set on tuesday night then his mom walked in he immediately stopped what he was doing.

He assumed it held a wedding cake topper or another memento that his mother was holding onto and left it at that he told cnn now that he knows what was really in the box he said he is struggling to, not only did the cake resemble a deflated football but the cake topper featured new england quarterback tom brady in a dress and heels: while some diehard fans may have gotten upset about the.

"we figured with something like that we don't need an overly fancy cake " rocheleau said while some were excited by the idea of the wwe themed wedding having a wwe themed wedding is more than about, this is the photo of ultimate fandom: you know you have found the one when she buys you a @miamidolphins helmet to wear at your wedding so you match your cake topper pic twitter com 9ip7zhvahx lee. The company expects 'mini me' figurines to be among the most popular 3d print outs pointing out that they make ideal wedding cake toppers "evolving well beyond simply filling frames with photographs, from the front it was a lovely cake however when she turned it around all wasn't quite as it seemed for the cake topper appeared to spell out a profanity when viewed from the behind posting photos.

The latest nfl love story comes from a miami dolphins fan from across the pond who says his bride bought him a dolphins helmet to match their cake topper the lucky groom who claims to be "from, not sure about that cake topper is margot being dragged to a bills game in any case collins says "people told us it was the most fun they ever had at a wedding " congrats to the happy couple and.

Yes gurl " someone else remarked one person even stated that they when they get married they want to have a wedding topper on their cake that looks like sandra oh in her jumpsuit "i'm invested into